Welcome to Comfort Dental Studio

Since 1989, Dr. Lawrence A. White of Comfort Dental Studio has provided high quality dental care to patients from across the Greater Chicago area. Together with our dedicated team, Dr. White cares for patients of all ages. Each member of our team is committed to providing our patients with the education and services they need to achieve and maintain their best dental health. It is our goal to make the world better, one smile at a time.

Our practice is patient-focused and we work hard to address your specific needs and create a laid back environment where all patients feel comfortable and welcome. We focus on quality instead of speed and pay great attention to your individual goals for your smile. To make your visit more enjoyable, we have noise canceling headphones available, as well as TVs and movies for you to view.

Our Mission Statement

Our top priority is the ideal dental health of our patients.

Our customized treatment protocol is guided by each patient’s personal desires. And our work is tailored to address each individual’s dental circumstances.

We educate the members of our patient family.

We equip our patients and their families with the knowledge and skills to improve and maintain their oral health.

We offer our best services to you.

We strive to deeply understand your needs in order to provide the finest treatment that most suits your individual goals.

We are Dental Artisans.

We do it the right way. We focus on the details in our work. (all of them).

We educate ourselves.

We read and enroll in classes and seminars to learn about the latest and most up to date skills and technologies in the dental field.

We endeavor to make the world better.

Our aim is not only to exceed the clinical and service expectations of our patients, but also the interpersonal expectations of our coworkers and family members. We challenge ourselves to become better people and to do more to serve others.

About Dr. Lawrence A. White

I opened my first dental office in 1992, four blocks from my childhood home on the southside of Chicago. I’ve always taken great pride in doing my best work for my patients because they were my friends and neighbors. I like using my hands to deliver an excellent service to those in dental need. Many of my early patients knew my parents and knew me from a young age.

I always take great care to set a professional example that would make my parents proud. I’ve moved a couple of times since then, but I still put forth my best effort in treating each of my patients. I don’t have a fast-paced office. We focus on delivering great quality dental care on a personalized basis. I deliver my best work with each procedure to help ensure that treatments are done well the first time.